County officials are toting up the damage to roads and bridges this week in an effort to get federal help to repair them.

“I’ve got seven or eight tinhorns washed out and roads closed,” District 1 Commissioner Wade Anders said Monday. “I also have two bridges out with roads closed at this time. I didn’t even want to walk on ’em.”

Clinton’s water situation improved dramatically over the weekend, with Clinton Lake not only filling up but also Foss Reservoir reaching 10 feet above what it was just a few weeks ago before the spring rains started.

That was a 50-percent gain from the low point earlier this year.

Jason Smith wants to breathe new life into Clinton’s venerable McLain Rogers Park, and he’s willing to put his brains and his brawn where his mouth is in order to do it.



Co-athletic director Mike Lee (right) introduces CHS football head coach Philip Koons (left) during the Meet the Players picnic Thursday night at the Tornado Bowl.

Clinton football players, coaches, fans and supporters of the program gathered together Thursday night for the annual Meet the Players picnic.


After, by his own estimation, 41 years, one month and one week in the pulpit of the First Church of God, Roy Dobbs told his Church Council and congregation Sunday that he is retiring.

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